Chandi Buchholz

Before entering Jeremiah Program’s  Life Skills Course, single mother Chandi Buchholz was unable to even identify the first steps she had to take to reach her ultimate goal of becoming a children’s nurse. She was desperate to make changes in her life, but felt hopeless since she did not know how or where to start and needed help putting the pieces together. Although Chandi enrolled in classes at Globe University (formerly Minnesota School of Business), she dropped out within a few weeks after the birth of her son Jake, unable to both provide for her son while being a student.  Jake is now two years old and Chandi is still determined to become a Nurse.

Chandi takes pride in the big goals and dreams she has for her and Jake’s future.  Working with children as a nurse, being self-reliant and helping Jake flourish are on the top of her list.   Chandi first learned about Jeremiah Program through a network of single mothers and has learned through the Life Skills Course how to set goals that are attainable and thus feel more motivated to follow through with them and create successful experiences. Chandi said “Before starting the Life Skills Course I tried to set goals that were impossible, and would get frustrated and give up when I didn’t see any progress towards my goal. Now I have learned that I need to make reasonable goals if I want to see changes in my life.”

With her new attitude and outlook, and new goal setting skills, Chandi has greater confidence in her ability to achieve her goals and transforming her life for Jake’s future. But most importantly, Chandi has regained her hope for their future and is dedicated and determined to overcome their struggles in order to be successful.